Celebrating Ten Years Of Service

February 2021 marks ten years since teams of Woking Street Angels first set off at night to help out on the streets of our town centre.  


It had begun months before February 2011 with appeals in local churches and media, leading to over 70 local people, of all ages and back-grounds, volunteering to become street angels. The charity was registered, the board of trustees appointed, and volunteer training began. With support from Woking Borough Council and local churches, a coordinator was employed and uniform and equipment bought.

Woking Street Angels are trained volunteers who, for the past ten years, have walked the streets of Woking town centre every Friday and Saturday night, from 10pm till 4am, offering help, or a listening ear, wherever needed. Typically, they help those who are intoxicated, lonely, sick, vulnerable, troubled or sleeping rough. Working with police, door staff, CCTV, Council and medical services Street Angels help night-time visitors have a safe experience in the town. The Street Angels’ presence makes the town centre a more pleasant place for both night-time revellers and workers. They have also made a valued contribution towards the impressive reduction in violent crime in Woking town centre during weekend nights.

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Who Or What Are Street Angels?


Street Angels give out hundreds of lollies, all kindly donated by our sponsors BTC Software. It's a friendly gesture, and the sugar can help with sobering up! 


After months of enforced absence due to lockdown, Woking Street Angels are very happy to be back walking the streets of our town centre during Friday and Saturday nights. At first the town was quieter than usual, but now that the clubs and pubs are opening later and the weather is warmer the night-time revellers are returning. Since lockdown eased there have already been many occasions when our volunteers have been able to provide valued help to vulnerable people. If you are in town on a weekend night and see the Angels walking around do say hello!

At Last - We're Back On The Streets


Trustees Revd. Sarah Tapp and Tim Dowlen celebrated the tenth anniverary of Woking Street Angels by helping to run a free pop-up coffee and tea kiosk for night-time visitors in the town. Many revellers joined them for a hot drink and chatted about what a difference the presence of Street Angels makes to our town centre. We hope to repeat this event later this summer.

Thank you for donating towards our PPE

Last year we appealed for donations towards the cost of the Personal Protective Equipment which our volunteers need in order to stay safe on the streets, and to maintain safety with those we meet. Your response was immediate and generous. Thank you to everyone who donated via text or transfer. Without your kindness we would have struggled to fund these large and unexpected costs. We will need this equipment for the foreseeable future, and are still accepting donations. If you would like to give up to £10 via text message, please text WSA and the £ amount (e.g. WSA £10) to 70085, or visit the Get Involved page.


There is much more information about how to become a Woking Street Angel here.

© 2018.  Woking Street Angels is a registered charity (1138338 England and Wales) and a Company Limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales no. 07317043.

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