We're Back - With Thanks To You!

Woking Street Angels are now back on the streets of our town centre during Friday and Saturday nights, ready and equipped to offer help, or a listening ear wherever it is needed in these difficult times.

Recently we appealed for donations towards the cost of the PPE which our volunteers need in order to stay safe on the streets, and to maintain safety with those we meet. The response to our appeal was immediate and generous, and we now have enough money to buy all the supplies we need for the next few weeks.

Thank you to all the individuals who donated via text or transfer, to the parish of Wisley with Pyrford who gave a very generous donation from their local community fund, and to Home Instead Senior Care who have given us a large supply of vital face masks. Without your kindness we would have struggled to fund these large and unexpected costs.

We will need protective equipment for the foreseeable future, and are still gratefully accepting donations. If you would like to donate up to £10 via text message, please text WSA and the £ amount (e.g. WSA £5) to 70085, or visit the Get Involved page.


Street angels are known for their smiles, so how do we keep up the friendliness while wearing masks? It's simple - jazz hands!

Although the town is not as busy as usual, our volunteers are needed as much as ever, as this recent message from a grateful mother shows: "Thank you for looking after my daughter last night till her dad picked her up. Angels you are."

If you are in Woking at night this weekend do come and say hello - or wave!

Woking Street Angels began in February 2011. Most Woking Street Angels are from local churches, but our volunteers can be of any faith or none. By providing a calming presence on the streets late at night, Street Angels make a really positive impact on crime and antisocial behaviour in the town centre, particularly in the vicinity of bars and clubs.

Street Angels believe that people deserve care and love in their time of need. Those needs could be as a result of homelessness, intoxication, drug abuse, assault or any

other issue which has caused personal distress or has the potential for physical harm.

Street Angels help people, whoever they are and whatever their situation, by listening, simple acts of generosity, caring, offering practical help or by referring them to other agencies that can help them.

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply to train as a Woking Street Angel. Once trained, each volunteer commits to just one night-time shift per month.

“Following on from the outstanding reduction in crime of 64% in 2014/15, Woking Town has seen further reductions year on year during the hours of 2000–0800. The good work in 2014/15 set a challenging benchmark, however during the hours Street Angels are active, we have seen this level not only maintained, but further reduced.”

    Woking Safer



There is much more information about how to become a Woking Street Angel here.

© 2018.  Woking Street Angels is a registered charity (1138338 England and Wales) and a Company Limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales no. 07317043.

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