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Support comes in many forms.

We are always looking to welcome new volunteers to our friendly teams, but if you're not able to join us on our weekly night time patrols, there are other ways to get involved. 

Become a Street Angel.

Who can be a Street Angel?

Anyone who shares our desire to support our town and make it a safer place at night. Our core values are:

​- selflessness and non-judgemental

-  honesty and  integrity

- professionalism and excellence

- collaboration and partnership

How old must I be?

Street Angels Woking welcomes volunteers of all ages, from 18 upwards, with no maximum age!

What is the time commitment?

One Friday or Saturday evening a month from 9:30 pm till 4am. This will work on a rota basis.

Is there training?

Yes! To be a Street Angel you need to complete our introductory training course. The training will cover topics such as roles and responsibilities, personal safety, drugs and alcohol, safeguarding and relating effectively.

Join us for a taster!

If you'd like to get a taste of what we get up to on one of our shifts, contact us and we will get a taster night organised for you.

Donate and support the work we do

As a Registered Charity, Woking Street Angels is dependent on donations for its work, both from churches and individuals. Such things as training, uniform, flip- flops, refreshments all cost money, which, as a charity, we need to find. So no matter how small your gift is, it really will be put to good use.

Keep us in your prayers

Every Friday and Saturday night, before they set out on the Woking streets, the Street Angels on duty pray for the night ahead, for the people they will encounter and for themselves.

At around 4.30 am, before the Street Angels go home for much-needed sleep, they end their shifts in prayer.

We are hugely appreciative of, and grateful for, prayer support from our local churches, and from people of all faiths in the community.

Consider Sponsoring

 Are you a local business looking to support the work the Woking Street Angels are doing in your town? We rely on donations and sponsorships to equip our wonderful volunteers with the materials they need. If you would like to sponsor any of the much needed items that we supply such as lollies, flipflops, water, or alternatively the gear that we wear, please get it touch.


Woking Street Angels have a wonderful Fundraising Committee who put on events to help raise funds for the work we do. They are always looking for passionate and eager individuals to join there team. This is a fantastic way to get involved with the Woking Street Angels even if you are not able to, or are not keen to join as an Angel on duty. If you would like to hear more or get involved with our Fundraising Committee - please email

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