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Who are the Woking Street Angels?

Woking Street Angels was established in 2010 by members of local churches to help provide care and support in Woking Town Centre. With the support of the Surrey Police, Woking Borough Council and Woking People of Faith,  we have grown from strength to strength and are now an integral element of the night-time economy in Woking. 

We patrol on Friday and Saturday nights, from 10pm till around 4am in mixed groups wearing our distinctive blue and yellow jackets. Our purpose is to help anyone who needs it and particularly those that find themselves vulnerable. 


How are we helping?

The work can be varied from the serious to the mundane. A typical night might involve:

  • Sweeping up and disposing of broken bottles, glasses or cans that have been abandoned.

  • Helping people to get home safely.

  • Reuniting lost friends and giving directions.

  • Tending those who have drunk or taken drugs to excess.

  • Contacting the emergency services when necessary to resolve problems.

  • Referring people to other support services to meet their long term needs.

  • Giving out warm clothing, socks, gloves, scarves, hats and blankets.

  • Looking out for anyone who might be in danger of physical harm.

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