How we began

In 2010, Christian churches in Woking came together with support from the Police, Woking Borough Council and Woking People of Faith to establish Street Angels in Woking. A small charity, Woking Street Angels, was established by the churches to run the project.

Building on core values of selflessness, being non-judgemental, honesty, integrity, professionalism, excellence, collaboration and partnership, and following the successful examples of similar projects in Guildford and Camberley, Woking Street Angels  was established.

Over 70 volunteers - aged over 18 and from all walks of life - were recruited, and their training was completed early in 2011. On February 18, 2011, the first team of Woking Street Angels hit the streets of our town centre, initially operating on Friday nights only.  Such was the success and popularity of the Woking Street Angels that the police soon asked if they would also patrol on Saturday nights.  More volunteers were recruited, and in November 2011 Street Angels began operating in Woking Town Centre on both Friday and Saturday nights, from 10pm until 4am. 





During the past ten years Woking Street Angels have clocked up the astonishing total of approximately 38,000 volunteer hours. They are now an established, popular and successful element of the night-time economy in Woking. According to Surrey Police, during the hours that Street Angels are on duty, violent crime in the town centre has decreased by well over 64.5%. 

Woking Street Angels operate in Woking town centre on Friday and Saturday nights, from 10pm until all the clubs and bars are closed, which is around 4am. They are also out on the streets on special nights such as New Year's Eve and 'A' Level Results night.


About Woking Street Angels

Woking Street Angels Safeguarding Policy

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How we are funded

It costs about £20,000 per annum to run Woking Street Angels. We benefit from grants and generous donations from Woking Borough Council, the Diocese of Guildford, local churches, charitable groups, businesses, institutions and individuals, but we also have to fund-raise to meet all our costs. It costs about £130 to send a team of Street Angels out on the streets of Woking through one night. During those nights we will willingly help your children, your neighbours – even you!

Street Angels giving flip flops to clubbers whose high heels have defeated them

Our Structure And Management

Woking Street Angels is an independent Registered Charity (number 1138338), which works in partnership with Surrey Police and Woking Borough Council. The charity is managed by a board of trustees and employs a full-time co-ordinator.

The Street Angels co-ordinator is responsible for the recruitment, training, deployment and support for volunteer Street Angels. The co-ordinator works in collaboration with Surrey Police, Woking Borough Council, door staff at the Woking pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs, York Road Project, Pub Watch, Drink Aware and many other local agencies.


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