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Fundraiser - the 30 hr shift!

This month, Woking Street Angels will run a 30 hour shift, beginning at 9:30pm on Friday 17th of May and ending at the 4:00am Sunday 19th! We will be holding a stall whilst our volunteers continue their shift throughout Saturday 18th of May so please do come and say hello and show your support.

Our volunteers will be undertaking this mammoth task in order to raise awareness in Woking of the, often unseen, work that we do in the town and for the community. Woking Street Angels have given out 33 blankets, cleared up 2,965 bottles and helped 706 people in the last year. They have sat and listened to 90 people with open hearts and open minds and helped 63 people home safely. These statistics reflect the hard work of our dedicated volunteers who generously give up their time to make the streets of Woking a safer place. But in these difficult financial times, we need to raise funds to be able to keep our angels on the streets.

There are countless unseen moments of our angels going above and beyond to ensure those who need it are kept safe. This can include anything from providing a hot cup of coffee, a listening ear, sitting with someone until they are sober enough to take a taxi home, helping to locate a lost friend or personal items, waiting with someone for an ambulance to arrive and generally being eyes and ears on the streets to watch over those in need. We hope to meet lots of new faces on our 30hr shift so if you're in Woking Town Centre on the 18th May - please come and say hello!

And of course, if you would like to support the work that we are doing please do donate:

If you are on socials please do consider sharing our message and appeal.

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